Thank you for helping us save the Hayward High School "H"

That’s a wrap. Final installation of 46 bricks was completed June 30, 2020 by Serpico Landscaping. 3/4 of the committee was there. Bruce Roberts (Class of 1964), Guy Sandoval (Class of 1963), and Maria Judd Nadauld (Class of 1963). Francisco Zermeño, Hayward City Council, was teaching a Chabot Zoom class this morning but was with us in spirit.

It’s been a long but fun and oh so gratifying eight years. Yes. You heard right. Eight years from start to finish. We raised almost $50,000, installed an informational sign, installed two granite benches (remember the Senior Patio?), and placed 435 bricks honoring Hayward Union High School students, teachers, and staff. We had so much love and help from Bobby Mattos of Bras & Mattos Monument Co., Fremont Bank, Serpico Landscaping and all of you.

We hope you’ll visit the patio often. Use your Save the “H” patio as it was intended. Sit and remember your loved ones and the great times we had at Hayward High. Thank you all. #30

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